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Your roof can be a generator!

Solar roof
of the ALUART Systembau company building

Solar power from solar cells makes you more independent from fossil fuel sources. A photovoltaic system on the roof or facade provides good revenues from power generation year after year, since today’s solar cell technology is mature and reliable. Furthermore, electricity generated from photovoltaic systems is subsidised by law in many countries via feed-in tariffs - even if you use the generated electricity yourself.

Thanks to a revolutionary invention, photovoltaics can now also be used on roofs with a low gradient and independently of roof orientation: using the patented system from ALUART-Systembau, the solar cells are not installed on the roof, but integrated in the roof and the facade of the building (building integration). The result: a roof made from solar cells, with solar heating, lighting elements and windows - aesthetically pleasing, robust and powerful. This is also possible for flat roofs or roofs which slope away from the sun.


Building integrated Photovoltaics are a very interesting new way of profiting from solar technology. ALUART-Systembau combines solar cells and fixing elements in a patented system.

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