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Solar technology

Photovoltaic is the noiseless and odourless conversion of sunlight into electricity. Sunlight falls on the semiconductors in the solar cell - chemical elements which trigger the generation of charge carrier pairs. Positive and negatively charged particles result, which can be separated in the solar cell. A load can be connected between the positive and negative poles, so that a direct current flows.

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W├╝rth Solar employee with solar module

An AC converter outside the solar cell now converts this direct current into alternating current. This alternating current can be fed in turn into the national electricity network, or used on site. An integrated meter records the amount of electricity fed into the network, should there be any feed-in tariffs. In addition, another meter records the electricity used by the producer. For houses in isolated locations, it is also possible to use the electricity from the photovoltaic system without connection to the national electricity network (isolated application).

So, for solar power you need

ALUART-Systembau will provide you with the complete photovoltaic system and coordinate all the trades, from carpenters to electricians. Installation is carried out by our craftsmen or specially trained trading partner companies.

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