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A Carport That Can Do More

There are many good reasons to park your car in a carport. It is a cost-efficient alternative to a garage. Carports are even great for recreational vehicles or campers, making it easier and less expensive to achieve the roof height you need. The dimensions of a carport are generous so your vehicle stays dry, and in the winter it stays cool, preventing the build-up of rust.

Equipping your carport with an integrated roof solar panel system can help you earn money: you can use the electricity it generates yourself or feed it back into the public power grid. You can receive legally-guaranteed compensation for each fed-in or self-used kilowatt-hour. The Renewable Energy Act regulates compensation rates. The prerequisite for compensation is a calibrated feed-in meter or meter measuring your personal consumption. You can use the electricity you generate directly on site or somewhere else, for example, in your home. If you have an electric scooter or electric car you can generate electricity from the carport and charge your vehicle during downtimes. Use energy from the sun to get around self-sufficiently and in an environmentally-friendly way!

ALUART Systembau GmbH offers a patented construction system to achieve what others have not in terms of integrated solutions - safe and simple installation of sub-roof construction and solar modules. You save on roofing thanks to the patented ALUART assembly system because solar modules replace roof cladding. This creates a leak-proof and efficient solar panel system of moderate weight, a benefit that offers structural advantages.

Another advantage is that insulation is not necessary, meaning you can choose a transparent solar module. This offers you many ways to use your carport. It can function as an open area for sitting, playing, having a party or playing sports.

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