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Industrial roofing and roof renovation

Solar power from industrial roofing: regarding the enormous potential of unused roof surfaces on industrial and commercial buildings, this sector of solar technology is set for growth. Thanks to falling prices for photovoltaic systems, building integrated photovoltaics are becoming an attractive alternative for companies. Furthermore, in-roof solar modules give architects greater freedom to be creative - the solar roof becomes a design feature. Even glazing and smoke extraction elements (NSHEV) can be incorporated. Particularly for roof renovations, photovoltaic is a good and comparatively low-cost option for getting the new roof to produce electricity.

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What is important for installation on house roofs is even more significant for industrial buildings: the ALUART solar installation is mounted directly on the substrate of the roof. Roofing penetrations are avoided, so that the roof construction remains a sealed element of the building. External and internal zones are separated by the system, so thermal bridges in the areas of roof penetration (e.g. for lighting and ventilation elements) do not result. With lower demands on the roof structure and reduced wind and snow loading problems compared with on-roof systems, there are many weighty reasons for choosing building integrated photovoltaics. A further advantage: installation times are reduced and costs minimised.

With this state-of-the-art technology and thanks to ALUART-Systembau's patented system, there is nothing to stand in the way of your solar power production.

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Building integrated Photovoltaics are a very interesting new way of profiting from solar technology. ALUART-Systembau combines solar cells and fixing elements in a patented system.

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