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About ALUART Systembau GmbH

The company ALUART Systembau GmbH in Bammental near Heidelberg/Germany works in the metal construction, glass construction and photovoltaic sectors.

The Managing director, Dirk Meinhardt, and his team specialise in the assembly of in-roof solar systems. Convinced by the performance and aesthetics of building integrated photovoltaic systems, Dirk Meinhardt developed an assembly system for the thin-layer solar modules used. This system enables the modules to be installed as a single layer, even on roofs with a small gradient (from 2° slope angle). Thanks to this invention, the fitter is able to install stable, wind and rain proof glass roofs on houses, office buildings and factories: Roofs and facades too, which simultaneously form the external surface of the building and generate electricity - every day, every year, in summer and in winter.

The patent for the ALUART assembly system was registered in 2009.

Since then, ALUART Systembau has been planning, designing and installing photovoltaic systems with 3 kW to 300 kW connection power, to supply buildings with electricity and generate a return on the investment in the property. The trend towards power generation integrated in the roof or facade is, in Dirk Meinhardt's opinion, right at the start - in the next few years, power generation from photovoltaic systems and other renewable energy sources will increase dramatically, thanks to the need to conserve energy and preserve resources.

ALUART-Systembau is active throughout Europe with large-scale projects.

To expand our business activities, we are looking for partners from the trade for licensing and regional representation.


Building integrated Photovoltaics are a very interesting new way of profiting from solar technology. ALUART-Systembau combines solar cells and fixing elements in a patented system.

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