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AluArt system technology

AluArt System cross section drawing

A photovoltaic system as a roof - the unbeatable advantages of this new development are immediately apparent. Previously, the problem was: how to fix the modules in a safe, comfortable and waterproof way, even on low roof gradients?

ALUART-Systembau has found the right solution to this question.

Thanks to a standardised subconstruction, the profile system sits directly on the roof beams or the load-bearing structure of the roof. A modular system of aluminium rails, connectors and sealing elements has been developed for this. The solar cells can be fixed in place securely using this system. The construction forms a unit consisting of load-bearing parts, solar modules and sealing - a homogenous cladding which keeps the weather away from the sensitive solar cell technology. Here the module connections run along the subconstruction and so are completely protected from sun, rain, wind, hail and snow as well as bird droppings and gnawing rodents.

Another important aspect is the excellent ventilation of the solar cells. The laws of physics dictate that the efficiency of a solar cell decreases as the temperature of the solar module increases. In order to prevent this negative effect, the ALUART-Systembau construction ensures controlled ventilation of the solar module from underneath. Warm air flows upwards beneath the modules and cool air is drawn in behind it.

A one-stop shop for consulting, installation and service

Aluart-Systembau doesn't do things by halves. Our team is happy to take on the planning, installation and service of photovoltaic systems as a full service supplier. We prefer it if we have the opportunity to implement a complete solution, consulting with the client or construction company. After all, it is not just about installing a photovoltaic system, but creating the ideal solution including lighting and ventilation elements. This is how we create an integrated, aesthetically pleasing and efficient result around the photovoltaic system on the roof or facade, which offers residents the greatest possible comfort.


Building integrated Photovoltaics are a very interesting new way of profiting from solar technology. ALUART-Systembau combines solar cells and fixing elements in a patented system.

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